Are you tired of getting a small tax refund at tax time or just not sure you’re getting the best tax advice? Bristax minimises your tax like no one else. The difference between Bristax and many other tax accountants and tax agents in Australia is our expertise. Other tax return preparers employed by firms such as H&R Block, ITP,, etc, are often very inexperienced. Some agents have less than 1 year of full-time tax experience but our tax accountants have a minimum of 10 years of experience and sometimes over 20 years! Sometimes people bring their tax returns to us to be re-worked after some other inexpert tax return preparer has finished. Our tax accountants can often increase your tax refund – legally and without risk of audit.

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Our founder, Stephen Blake, ensures the tax services Bristax provides are of the highest quality. Stephen is a Chartered Tax Adviser, a CPA-qualified Tax Accountant, holds a Master of Taxation and is accredited as a lawyer. Why is tax expertise so important? There are two crucial issues with tax return preparation. Read on to find out.

Underclaiming tax deductions

If a tax return preparer is not highly skilled in tax return preparation, he or she may not be aware of all the possible tax deductions in a given situation. Some situations are more complex than others and require a greater level of knowledge.

With income tax law books as dense as Gutenberg’s bible and more complex, it’s simply not possible for an individual to know all the rules off-hand.

That’s why our tax accountants carefully ask questions to really know your situation. Plus, that’s how we can claim correct deductions.

Why settle for a lower tax refund by having a ‘quickie’ tax return prepared inexpertly when you can easily afford an expert?

Overclaiming tax deductions

Over claiming of tax deductions can result from either ignorance or deliberate tax avoidance. It is possible to over-claim tax deductions and not get audited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a number of years. Beware however, as if the over claimed amounts are substantial, the risk of an ATO audit increases.

If the ATO audits and finds you are over-claiming, not only will you have to pay the shortfall tax back, there is the potential for penalties ranging from 25% to 75% of the shortfall tax! Most of the time it doesn’t matter whether you prepared your return or a tax firm did, you the taxpayer are liable. Don’t run the risk of incorrect deductions on your tax return that may result in an audit from the ATO!


Given our expertise, you might expect our prices to be significantly higher than other tax return preparation firms. But our prices are often not higher after the amount of tax saved is taken into account.

We keep our costs low to pass the savings to you. We use the latest technology and streamlined systems to eliminate unnecessary costs. For example, we operated a paperless office essentially since 2010, before paperless offices were common. We don’t pay expensive rent for offices, so we don’t pass on these overheads in our fees.

Our fee is claimable as a tax deduction on your next tax return. So, the after-tax cost of the return is usually around 34% lower than the rate charged. What’s more, clients usually recoup our fee with the extra tax deductions they wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Which would you prefer, a slightly cheaper price and smaller tax refund, or a slightly higher price but an even larger tax refund?

We offer the best value tax return preparation in Australia for the highest level of expertise – check out our pricing for proof.

James FreemanJames Freeman
23:22 06 Dec 21
Stephen was brilliant and was so quick with responses and made the process so efficient. 100% would recommend bristax and Stephen in particular.
Michael CroftMichael Croft
00:53 14 Oct 21
After some terrible experiences historically with other accountants I found BrisTax to go above and beyond. My return was managed by John Ellis who achieved a result far outweighing my expectation at a very reasonable cost with consideration granted to the return. I would recommend BrisTax and specifically John to anyone chasing an outstanding account.
Josie KentJosie Kent
23:51 11 Oct 21
Highly recommend Bristax, especially John!
Mark FontanaMark Fontana
01:33 16 Jul 21
Highly recommend Bristax. John was fantastic helping me with my return.Do yourself a favour and use Bristax, you won't be disappointed.
Caleb EastCaleb East
09:44 12 Jul 21
Stevie has been super helpful! A wealth of knowledge and a lovely person. Highly recommend!
I had a time sensitive issue with my old SMSF Tax Accountant that they wouldn't fix. So I organised a phone consultation with Stephen who was super helpful and resolved my issue within the restricted time period.Now BrisTax have a new client for life.Thanks again Stephen!
05:50 03 Jul 20
Stevie was amazing ; and made the tax process easy!She has so much knowledge and was professional and helpful!
Jacob GrayJacob Gray
08:03 11 Mar 20
Professional service. Honesty. And I got $1000 more than I was quoted through the ATO website self service portal. Winning.



Bristax is often regarded as Australia’s #1 late tax return specialist for overdue, late, and multiple year tax return lodgements.

Despite the fears of the typical late tax returner, only a small penalty or no penalty at all is often the result. Indeed, we have lodged thousands of overdue tax returns without any penalties.

See our Late Tax Return page for more detailed information.



Tax by phone or video call is simple. Book an appointment and one of our tax experts will call you at your nominated time.

For video calls, we use Google Meet. It has high security and is easy to use. Access via computer simply requires an internet web browser and doesn’t require you to download software or set up an account. Access via phone or tablet requires you to download the Google Meet app. We email or text you a meeting link before the appointment.

The same tax experts that do our in-person office appointments and online tax service also do our Bristax phone and video call appointments, so you can be assured your tax return will be prepared to the highest standards.

We’ll take the time to understand your situation and provide the most relevant tax advice for you. We’ll maximise your tax refund safely, by making sure you claim the maximum deductions that you’re entitled to. Your tax return is usually lodged the same day.

And last but not least, our fee is tax deductible!

You can book your Phone or Video Call Tax appointment online at our Contact page.


Most people now prefer to do their tax return online, simply because it is so convenient. No battling congested traffic!

It’s easy to do your tax return online. Our process is streamlined and easy. Your tax return is usually lodged the same day or the next day.

We’ll review the information you provide and clarify any questions we might have with a reply email. Be assured your online tax return will be prepared to the highest standards. The same expert tax accountants that do our in person and Tax by Phone appointments also provide our online tax return service.

We have been providing online tax services for many years via email, phone and video call. We were among the first tax firms in Australia to operate a paperless office e.g. storage of all documents in digital format, the use of digital signatures for signing tax documents etc.

A significant difference between us and many other online tax return preparation firms is that the processes of many online tax firms is usually almost as difficult as doing it yourself. For example, they usually ask you a lot of questions you don’t need to answer. This is because they often employ tax return agents who are not very experienced.

At Bristax, we keep the tax process as simple as possible. We know exactly what questions to ask about your occupation and situation.

What information do I need for my tax appointment?

If you are a new client, please see our New Client Tax Return Checklist

If you are a past client, please see our Past Client Tax Return Checklist


If you live in Brisbane and prefer to see an expert tax accountant face to face, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Brisbane tax agents reduce tax obsessively – in legal & creative ways.

Bristax has been providing tax return and tax accounting services in Brisbane since 2009. Our founder, Stephen Blake, was born in Brisbane and has lived in Brisbane for over 45 years. We are dedicated to being the #1 Tax Accountants in Brisbane.

You can check availability and book an appointment at our Brisbane CBD office on our Contact page.

Once you’ve booked your appointment, you can email us your information and it will help to streamline the appointment, but it’s not essential.

If you have a business with a Pty Ltd Company or Trust structure, please see our Small Business Accounting Service.

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