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Don’t Let Another Year go by with a Poor Tax Refund


Are you tired of getting a small tax refund at tax time… or just not sure you’re getting the best tax advice? 

Bristax minimises your tax. This is done by consultation with an expert tax accountant, someone who knows all the tax deductions or tax offsets that can apply.

You see, the difference between Bristax and many other tax accountants and tax agents in Australia is our expertise. Other tax return preparers employed by firms such as H&R Block, ITP,, etc, are often very inexperienced. Some agents have less than 1 year of full-time tax experience – our tax accountants have a minimum of 10 years of experience!

Sometimes people bring their tax returns to us to be re-worked after some other inexpert tax return preparer has finished. Our tax accountants can often increase your tax refund – legally and without risk of audit.


Late tax returns? Don’t worry

For overdue, late, and multiple year tax return lodgements, Bristax is often regarded as Australia’s #1 late tax return specialists.

Despite the fears of the typical late tax returner, only a small penalty or no penalty at all is often the result. Indeed, we have lodged thousands of overdue tax returns without any penalties. 

Our founder, Stephen Blake, ensures the tax services Bristax provides are of the highest quality. Stephen is a Chartered Tax Adviser, a CPA qualified tax accountant, holds a Master of Taxation, and is accredited as a lawyer. Why is tax expertise so important? Read on to find out.

I have been going to Stevie to do my taxes for the past 10 years and she is amazing – I would definitely recommend BrisTax to others!

Christin Wells Valley

For many years I have chosen BrisTax as my preferred accounting service provider. They are professional, reliable and trustworthy. I’m confident that over the years (Close to a decade) I still can refer my friends and colleagues to seek assistance with any accounting matter to BrisTax and know that they are going to be well looked after. Thank you Steve & Stevie.

Carlos Pena Lozano

Why is expertise important?

Two important issues with tax return preparation are:

1. Under-claiming tax deductions

If a tax return preparer is not highly skilled in tax return preparation, he or she may not be aware of all the possible tax deductions in a given situation. Some situations are more complex than others, and require a greater level of knowledge.

With income tax law books as dense as Gutenberg’s bible and more complex, it’s simply not possible for an individual to know all the rules off-hand.

That’s why our tax accountants carefully ask questions to really know your situation. Plus, that’s how we can claim correct deductions.

Why settle for a lower tax refund by having a ‘quickie’ tax return prepared inexpertly… when you can easily afford an expert?

2. Over-claiming tax deductions

Over-claiming of tax deductions can result from either ignorance or deliberate tax avoidance. It is possible to over-claim tax deductions and not get audited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a number of years. Beware however, as if the over claimed amounts are substantial, the risk of an ATO audit increases.

If the ATO audits and finds you are over-claiming, not only will you have to pay the shortfall tax back, there is the potential for penalties ranging from 25% to 75% of the shortfall tax! Most of the time it doesn’t matter whether you prepared your return or a tax firm did, you the taxpayer are liable. Don’t run the risk of incorrect deductions on your tax return that may result in an audit from the ATO!


I have been using Stephen Blake at bristax for the last three financial years and has done a great job each time, very professional, responds to your calls and emails promptly, flexible appointment times with the option of late evening appointments. A pleasure to deal with and I will continue to use bristax in the future.

Darren McGee

Expertise Means Value

Given our expertise, you might expect our prices to be significantly higher than other tax return preparation firms. But our prices are often not higher after the amount of tax saved is taken into account.

We keep our costs low to pass the savings to you. We use the latest technology and streamlined systems to eliminate unnecessary costs. For example, we operated a paperless office essentially since 2010, before paperless offices were common. We don’t pay expensive rent for offices, so we don’t pass on these overheads in our fees.   


Our fee is claimable as a tax deduction on your next tax return. So, the after-tax cost of the return is usually around 34% lower than the rate charged. What’s more, clients usually recoup our fee with the extra tax deductions they wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. 

Which would you prefer, a slightly cheaper price and smaller tax refund, or a slightly higher price but an even larger tax refund?

We offer the best value tax return preparation in Australia for the highest level of expertise – check out our pricing for proof.

Maximise your tax refund, safely.

I have used Bristax for the last 5ish years or so. The speedy replies to my emails and the speed of doing my tax return have always been pleasing. I have recommended Stephen to quite a few of my work colleagues and friends – of which I know that they have engaged the use of Bristax. For me, and also the people that I have recommended to Bristax, a massive advantage is conducting most things via email. Trying to find time for an appointment (or phone conference) can be challenging and the ease of conducting is a massive positive attribute.
Joshua Bunney