Past Client Tax Return Checklist

If you are an existing or past client of Bristax, we’ll need the following information:

  • Annual payment summary from employer(s)
  • Any change to your residential/postal address, mobile phone number, email address or bank account details since your last tax return

Where applicable, we’ll also need the following:

  • Bank interest income or other investment income over $50
  • If recently arrived in Australia – are you entitled to an Australian Medicare card?
  • Legal or defacto spouse taxable income for the financial year and number of dependant children
  • Your annual private health insurance tax statement
  • A summary of investment property income and expenses. Ask us for our investment property checklist.
  • A list of any known tax deductible expenses. For example:
    • Clothing or footwear with an employer’s logo or that is protective
    • Tools/equipment
    • Average monthly phone and internet bill plus your estimated work use % (vs private) of each
    • Study/training/courses/memberships
    • Approximate purchase date and cost of your current computer/tablet/mobile phone handset and your estimated work use %
    • Approximate work kilometres travelled during the year (from workplace to workplace, not from home to work unless you are carrying bulky equipment)
    • Average weekly hours spent working from home
    • Donations made to registered charities


From August onwards we can usually access the following information directly from the ATO, so you don’t normally need to supply it:

  • Annual payment summary from employer(s)
  • Total bank interest income earned
  • Dividend income
  • Annual private health insurance tax statement

Managed Fund/Trust annual tax statements are sometimes not available until September or later. If you own units in a Managed Fund/Trust, please wait until you receive the annual tax statement before contacting us to do your tax return.