Late Tax Return

Do you have a late tax return that is overdue? We will lodge your late tax return with minimum hassle. We are very experienced in preparing prior year tax returns. You will be surprised how quick and painless the process is. Normally we only lodge tax returns going back to 2001, as the ATO does not usually chase up lodgement of outsanding tax returns before then. However, we can lodge returns before then if really necessary. We have even lodged overdue tax returns going back to 1989! When we lodge multiple years of tax returns it mostly results in a reasonable size tax refund.

Are there penalties for late tax returns?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may apply a “failure to lodge on time penalty”. The penalty is calculated at the rate of one penalty unit for each period of 28 days or part thereof that the document is overdue, up to a maximum of five penalty units. The penalty is $222 for every 28-day period or part thereof that the returns remain outstanding up to a maximum of $1,110.

The ATO does not normally apply a penalty for a tax return that results in a tax refund or no tax payable. The ATO is more likely to apply a penalty if:

  • you have more than one tax return outstanding
  • you have a poor lodgement history, or
  • you have not complied with a request to lodge your tax return.

We have lodged thousands of overdue tax returns without any penalties. In some cases where penalties have applied, we have generally experienced success in applying for penalties to be remitted. However, there is no absolute guarantee that the ATO will remit penalties. It is a matter of presenting a persuasive case to the ATO as to why you deserve remission.

How do I lodge my late tax returns?

Firstly note that if you want to lodge more than one year online you will need to go through a tax agent, you cannot lodge multiple year returns yourself through MyGov.

We check your income tax account with the ATO and find out exactly what returns need to be lodged, and if you have any outstanding tax debts. We can also usually obtain the following info from the ATO, from 2001 onwards:

  • employer payment summaries
  • bank interest income
  • dividend income
  • private health insurance info

We can do the above for you at no cost, and give you a quote to prepare your tax returns. Normally our standard tax return pricing would apply.

We also discuss with you appropriate work related expenses to be claimed for each financial year. Generally, the more work related expenses that can be claimed, the larger your tax refund or the lower your tax bill will be.

We can usually prepare outstanding tax returns going back to 2001 within 3 business days from receiving all necessary information. If urgently required, we can prepare and lodge returns within 24 hours from receiving all necessary information.

I had several years worth of overdue return lodgements with substantial amounts of complex work deductions, Stephen was able to process my lodgements extremely efficiently which saved me several thousand dollars in ATO penalties.  I will certainly be using them again next year.
Mitchell Neville

Indooroopilly, Brisbane

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling…

Please let us know your date of birth (DOB) & tax file number (TFN). We will then check your ATO tax account and let you know exactly what needs to be done, any info we need from you, and a quote if you wish to proceed further.

Please email your DOB & TFN & Phone number via our secure contact form below.

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Stephen and BrisTax have been my tax accountants for the past 5 tax returns. I first came to them after I had failed to complete the previous years tax return due to difficulties with the online tax return lodging program and, let’s face it, pure laziness. They made the whole process so easy and I received a well sized refund for both that year, and the previous year. I’ve been going to them ever since. This year, I moved to Amsterdam before the end of the financial year. I emailed Stephen to request that he lodge my tax return. Within the space of 2 days and 4 emails, my tax return has been lodged and I am receiving another good refund. Cannot recommend these guys enough. Thanks!

Chris Fardon

Hendra, Brisbane