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It’s easy to do your tax return online.

Our process is streamlined and easy. Your tax return is usually lodged the same day or the next day.

We’ll review the information you provide and clarify any questions we might have with a reply email. Be assured your tax return will be prepared to the highest standards. The same expert Brisbane tax accountants that do our in person and Tax by Phone appointments also provide our online tax service.

We have been providing online tax services for many years via email, phone and video call. We were among the first tax firms in Australia to operate a paperless office e.g. storage of all documents in digital format, the use of digital signatures for signing tax documents etc.

A significant difference between us and many other online tax return preparation firms is that the processes of many online tax firms is usually almost as difficult as doing it yourself. For example, they usually ask you a lot of questions you don’t need to answer. This is because they often employer tax return preparers who are not very experienced. 

At Bristax, we keep the tax process as simple as possible. We know exactly what questions to ask about your occupation and situation.


What information do you need to prepare my tax return?

I have used BrisTax for the past 4 years and highly recommend their services and people. The online booking system and option to do tax via phone or email makes the whole process super efficient, and returns are always finalised quickly.

Sara Naylor


The main difference between Bristax and most online tax agents is that we really are expert tax accountants. 

Many tax return preparers employed by firms such as H&R Block, ITP Income Tax Professionals, etc are very inexperienced. Some of them have less than 1 year of full time tax experience. All of our tax accountants have a minimum of 10 years of experience!

The risk of using an inexperienced online tax agent is that they may either under claim or over claim tax deductions.


If a tax return preparer is not highly skilled in tax return preparation, he or she may not be aware of all the possible tax deductions in a given situation. Some situations are more complex than others, and require a greater level of knowledge.

Even experienced tax professionals can make mistakes if they are not careful. Why settle for a lower tax refund by having an inexperienced tax return preparer do your tax return?


Overclaiming of tax deductions can result from either ignorance or deliberate tax avoidance. It is possible to overclaim tax deductions and not get audited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a number of years. Beware however, as if the over claimed amounts are substantial, the risk of an ATO audit increases.

We’ll maximise your tax refund safely, by making sure you claim the maximum deductions that you’re entitled to. And of course, our fee is tax deductible!