Expert Brisbane Small Business Accountants

The Bristax Small Business Accounting Approach

Bristax has been providing business accounting services in Brisbane since 2009. Our founder, Stephen Blake, was born here and has lived in Brisbane for over 45 years.

Bristax provides accounting services to the smaller sole trader… up to the business with annual turnover up to $10 million. This enables us to customise our accounting expertise and services. 

Bristax is a member of CPA Australia and The Tax Institute – Australia’s peak body for tax professionals. We strive to maintain the highest technical and ethical standards.

Even better, we are a remote-access accounting firm that focuses on what really matters. 

We don’t pretend to know your business better than you do… although we do try to understand your business enough to appropriately tailor our services, our advice, and provide better value to you. 

While you run your business, doing what you do best, BAS dates and reconciliations are far from mind. As your financially astute partner, we can take some of the load off. 

Set Your Company’s Financial Path 


While so many entrepreneurs work in hope that financial profits and cash-flow will ‘sort itself out’, setting the path with a strategic approach is a better idea. Tying your goals to the desired profit to achieve these goals is our raison d’etre. 

We do this by LISTENING to your goals and smaller KPIs. Honestly, it’s best to express your monetary goals – as that can clue your business accounting advisor into what is truly needed. 

How big do you want to grow and will that be viable? What key figures do you need to monitor that we can help you understand?

Let’s make sure your business is making sufficient profit to achieve your goals. As small business accountant specialists, we help our clients to make money. Not to grow for the sake of increased revenue alone – but to focus on profit, appropriate taxation planning, and your lifestyle.


The BrisTax small business accounting differences:


Our expertise. You only deal with senior or partner level accountants, not junior accountants. This means you get the expert advice you need, with no vague, irrelevant advice.

Our responsiveness. We get back to you within 48 hours.

Convenience. You can book in via our portal, meet virtually on a video call, all saving time in travelling. 


Our Small Business Accounting Services


Our services below are broadly categorised according to the basic lifecycle of a business. Naturally, each business is different and you may choose any combination of services to suit your requirements.

Start up

Business plan

Business structure set up

Asset protection

Assistance with any finance requirements 

Registrations with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) & Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)


Business Compliance Services


Business/Instalment Activity Statements (BAS & IAS)

Pty Ltd Company and Trust Tax Returns

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Returns

Payroll Tax Returns

Tax Advice

Tax Planning

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Small Business CGT Concessions

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Qld State Taxes – Payroll Tax, Transfer Duty, Land Tax


Monthly or Quarterly Financial reporting

Budgets & Cash Flow Forecasts

Funding approval assistance

Performance improvement strategies

Pricing strategies and profitability scenario analysis

Cost analysis

Industry benchmarking

Business acquisition and due diligence


Lease and contract review


Sale of Business

Transferring business ownership


Estate Planning

Minimise the effect of CGT

Provide for and protect loved ones


Have you considered?

Many business owners nowadays choose to use our Small Business Accountants Online service. Instead of battling congested traffic and wasting valuable time, simply email, call or video call us from your home or business (or the beach!)