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Whether you’re an individual or a business, managing your tax obligations can be challenging. Our team of skilled tax professionals is here to guide you through the maze of tax rules and regulations.

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Unsure about what your tax obligations are if you’re complying with set regulations?

Staying ahead of your tax obligations doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right support, you can streamline the process and ensure compliance—minus the stress.

We understand that tax laws are complex and if you don’t have a thorough understanding of it you could be facing a lot of challenges. That’s why we take the time to focus on your specific circumstances. Whether you’re an individual or a business, our advice is customised to fit your specific needs.

Tax accountants comb through your financial records to identify every possible tax break—because we leave no stone unturned. With our guidance, you’ll confidently navigate the audit process and maximise your chances of a favourable outcome.

How can a consultant simplify your taxes?

If you’ve ever tried doing your taxes on your own then you understand that it can be quite challenging without the help of a tax expert.

Advice tailored to your unique situation

Depending on your unique situation, you may need an experienced consultant who has the expertise to not only understand your specific circumstances but also apply tax laws to make sure you’re heading down the right path. Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or a salaried employee, we customise our advice to fit your unique tax requirements.

Many tax consultants provide generic solutions to every tax scenario where personalised guidance is required.

Maximising deductions and credits

Tax credits and missed deductions can end up costing you significantly. Tax experts go through your financial records to make sure that you’re getting the best possible tax break. From expenses to education credits, the goal of a tax agent is to make sure you make more money within the legal constraints.

Trying to sort out your deductions and credits can leave you with a lot to navigate by yourself and could even end up costing you a big tax return.

Smooth sailing during audits

Everyone gets stressed when it’s time for an audit—especially if you don’t have your documents in order. Experienced tax accountants can help you prepare thoroughly by ensuring all documentation is in order. With their guidance, you’ll confidently navigate the audit process, minimising stress and maximising your chances of a positive outcome.

You don’t have to worry about the pressure that comes with an audit since your tax accountant can help you from start to finish.

Staying compliant with changing regulations

Tax laws evolve and compliance measures and controls need to evolve with it. Leading tax accountants and consultants stay updated on the latest developments, so you don’t have to. Tax accountants proactively inform you about any changes that affect your tax situation so that you don’t have to worry about last-minute surprises and penalties.

Putting your tax requirements into the hands of an experienced accountant can help make sure that you’re always compliant.

Want to work with a tax consultant for better tax planning and execution?

At Bristax, we’re more than just tax consultants—we’re your partners in financial success. With a reputation built on integrity and expertise, we’ve helped countless clients navigate their tax obligations seamlessly.

From comprehensive tax planning and preparation to advisory services, we ensure you’re on the right track. Book an appointment to learn more.

What Clients Are Saying

James FreemanJames Freeman
23:22 06 Dec 21
Stephen was brilliant and was so quick with responses and made the process so efficient. 100% would recommend bristax and Stephen in particular.
Michael CroftMichael Croft
00:53 14 Oct 21
After some terrible experiences historically with other accountants I found BrisTax to go above and beyond. My return was managed by John Ellis who achieved a result far outweighing my expectation at a very reasonable cost with consideration granted to the return. I would recommend BrisTax and specifically John to anyone chasing an outstanding account.
Josie KentJosie Kent
23:51 11 Oct 21
Highly recommend Bristax, especially John!
Mark FontanaMark Fontana
01:33 16 Jul 21
Highly recommend Bristax. John was fantastic helping me with my return.Do yourself a favour and use Bristax, you won't be disappointed.
Caleb EastCaleb East
09:44 12 Jul 21
Stevie has been super helpful! A wealth of knowledge and a lovely person. Highly recommend!
I had a time sensitive issue with my old SMSF Tax Accountant that they wouldn't fix. So I organised a phone consultation with Stephen who was super helpful and resolved my issue within the restricted time period.Now BrisTax have a new client for life.Thanks again Stephen!
05:50 03 Jul 20
Stevie was amazing ; and made the tax process easy!She has so much knowledge and was professional and helpful!
Jacob GrayJacob Gray
08:03 11 Mar 20
Professional service. Honesty. And I got $1000 more than I was quoted through the ATO website self service portal. Winning.


Do I need a consultant for tax purposes?

While it’s not a compulsory requirement, having a consultant as part of your team brings peace of mind, saves you time, and helps you optimise your tax strategy.

How much does it cost to hire a consultant for taxes?

Fees vary based on complexity. At Bristax our rates are competitive, and the value you receive far outweighs the cost.

Can I consult virtually?

Yes. We offer virtual consultations—phone or video call—making it convenient for clients no matter where they are in Australia.

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